Cyprus temporary residence permit, enables non-EU citizens to extend their stay in Cyprus for more than 3 months (90 days). Someone who secures the temporary residence permit can then reside in Cyprus for one year. The temporary residence permit is renewed annually and one month before Pink Slip expiry the applicant is entitled to apply for renewal.

According to Cypriot law, the holder of a temporary permit only has the right to reside in Cyprus. The temporary residence permit does not give him the right to work. If any person needs a temporary residence permit for his entire family then a separate application must be made for each family member. Moreover the temporary residence permit does not allow anyone to travel to Europe without an visa. 

The criteria that a person must meet in order to be able to apply and be accepted are the following. First of all, he must have the financial ability to cover his living expenses or have bought or rented a house in Cyprus. 

Necessary documents for the application: 

Application form (doc, 0.5 MB) for a temporary residence permit in Cyprus. ( MVIS5) 

Passport Copy 

Marriage Certificate (must be translated into Greek or English  and bear the «APOSTILLE» stamp or be certified by the Ministry of foreign affairs of the country that will issue them and by the Cyprus Embassy of that Country. 

Medical Exams visit to a doctor in Cyprus who will refer you for blood tests (Hepatitis B and C, HIV, syphilis, chest X-ray report for tuberculosis) 

Documents proving the income of the applicant who must have the financial ability to cover his living expenses. ( approximately € 24,000 for a single applicant) 

Health Insurance 

Rental Agreement or sale agreement of a house or appartment lasting at least one year. 

Οpening a bank account in Cyprus and transferring 24,000 euros to the specific account from abroad. 

Bank guarantee (set up a bank guarantee in a Cyprus bank, one for each family member.)

As Cyprus lawyers well versed in local law we will check all the necessary documents for the specific application.