Andreas Danos law firm has recently dealt with big car accident cases

Our law firm has recently dealt with big car accident cases. We operate one of the largest insurance and personal injury practices in Cyprus, with a very high client satisfaction rate. We have successfully represented individuals,  insurance companies and private corporations. We also represent overseas insurance companies and international corporations that deal with personal injury matters.

Our civil trial practice covers a broad range of contentious matters: 

  • malpractice defence
  • negligence claims
  • damages to the property
  • employment injuries
  • professional claims
  • public liability claims
  • car accidents

The policy of our law firm concerning car accidents is that we not charge our clients at legal fees and we charge only very low out of pocket fees as our fees will be paid from the insurance company.

In a Cyprus court, there are the following  categories of damages that may be awarded:

  • General damages – includes bodily harm, emotional and psychological harm, pain, suffering, loss of amenity, damage to private and family life.
  • Special damages – includes loss of earnings, medical expenses and any financial expenses incurred directly as a result of the accident / injury.

The services that our law firm offers concerning car accidents are the following:

  • No upfront fees – or hidden charges.
  • Claim Evaluation – we tell you directly and honesty the possible economical or other outcome of case.
  • Fast and professional paper work – avoids unnecessary procedures which may delay the case or the final outcome
  • High level legal advice and guidance – includes amount of damages to be claimed.
  • Negotiating with insurance companies – in order to reach an out of Court fast and efficient  settlement all kind of car accidents

Please contact us and you will not be disappointed from the result as our lawyers have very big experience in these matters and we offer very high legal services that can satisfy even the most demanding client.