Our Law Firm specializes to debt collections and we provide high legal services concerning this matter.

Going through a difficult period worldwide because of COVID-19  fortunately for all the lawyers who handle pending cases, from now on it is possible for most procedures to be processed by sending an email giving the necessary document or asking for further instructions or details to the competent service/department of the Court. This is obviously a respectable facility for everyone, as the physical presence of the client or his lawyer is not necessary in each case . In this way, in order not to take too long for a case to continue to the next step because of the restrictions , the whole process can continue normally, without the need to appear in Court. The possibility to clarify the handling of cases by email or telephone by both the Court and the lawyers is an option that facilitates everyone mainly for protection reasons.  The Court will inform the lawyers of the parties in advance and in time about the lawsuits which are in order of hearing so that the appropriate coordination and planning for the commencement of these hearings can take place.

Our law firm specializes in litigation. Our lawyers specialize in Cyprus Law and can efficiently address a wide range of legal issues.

Regarding the debt collections, we provide prompt, efficient, simple and cost-effective solutions to our clients for all debt collection needs against individuals and entities. As experienced Cyprus lawyers, we proactively assist and act on behalf of our clients on debt collection matters in Cyprus. Furthermore, we represent clients in proceedings to secure claims as well as in execution proceedings. Our lawyers take all legal actions in execution proceedings but not limited to aforementioned debt collection through competent execution offices.