Company formation in Cyprus – We make it Easy

Starting or transferring your business to Cyprus is a smart move, since your Company will benefit from the place of the Republic of Cyprus in European Union and Euro, it’ s market oriented financial stability and the opportunities for profit in international level.

There is a variety of options including a Cyprus Company formation to off the shelf offshore corporations available for immediate use. The most popular legal business entity is the private limited liability company by shares and the majority of companies belong to this type of company.

The possibility Re-domiciliation of a foreign company is offered where a foreign company may become registered and continue in Cyprus if permitted by its own governing legislation. Finally, registration in Cyprus of branches of foreign companies within the legal framework of Cyprus is also provided. In such case, international businesses can be registered in Cyprus and involved as offshore private limited liability company, offshore branch of a foreign company and offshore general or limited liability partnership.

The company’s memorandum and articles of association, along with details of its issued capital, shareholders, directors, secretary, registered office address, registered mortgages and charges and copies of its financial statements are held by the Registrar of Companies and are available for public inspection.

In any case for Company formation in Cyprus proper legal assistance is a key step towards realizing business plans in Cyprus. Danos Law Firm professional and experienced staff assists and supports clients through the procedures of company formation. After a methodical planning tailored to specific needs and market strategy, we proceed with business entity registration and we take care of all legal aspects.  

This support will continue while you run and grow your business, providing all necessary assistance to meet the basic obligations according to the type of company.