Company formation in Cyprus – A profitable choice

Cyprus has been a member of the European Union since 2004 and adopted the Euro as its currency on 1 January 2008. Our free market economy attracts companies from all over the world, offering profit opportunities in a stable financial environment and efficient tax planning.

Cyprus Company formation can be made with 100% foreign ownership, legitimately conduct business internationally and is subject to a corporate tax rate of 12.5%, among the lowest rates in the European Union (EU). Dividends paid to non-resident shareholders are not subject to withholding tax, either corporate shareholders or individuals. Double Taxation Agreements have been concluded between the Republic of Cyprus and more than 60 countries in Europe, Middle East, Asia, and America.

Your Company can benefit greatly from the financial opportunities and possibilities offered.

Danos Law Firm has the necessary expertise in Company formation in Cyprus, to guide you conveniently and safely through the steps of planning, starting, running and growing your business!