Cyprus personal injury, negligence and accidents Lawyers

If you have suffered an injury as a result of a traffic or workplace accident, medical malpractice, a defective product, nursing home abuse, an animal bite, or if your case relates to any of the aforementioned practices, you should consider getting advice from one of our personal injury lawyers. Our legal team can help you claim compensation so that you can use the money claimed towards medical expenses, lost salaries, pain and suffering, temporary or permanent disability and other injury-related expenses, since the amount of the compensation has to reflect the real needs of the client arising from the accident.

Negligence corresponds to many areas as it can be shown from any person that has a duty to act in a certain way, with care towards you, and fails to do it, causing you damages. In legal terms, negligence is a breach of a duty of care which results in damage. When damages arise either physical or material due to negligence, they can be compensated thus legal measures have to be taken against the person that has been in breach of the duty of care.

At Andreas Danos Law firm, we have extensive experience in personal injury cases and our lawyers will guide you through your legal rights and the compensation you should be entitled to receive for your injury. We represent accident victims, on a daily basis, who have been injured as a result of someone else’s negligence.  We will guide you all the way through ensuring that you are well aware of your chances of success before going into costly legal proceedings. We ensure that we do have beforehand a medical report proving your injury, and we thereafter take the case all the way though, from the initial negotiation stages, for an out of court settlement, to full court hearings before Cyprus courts.

All we need is to understand how and where the accident happened and we will be able to consult you of your legal rights as against such wrongdoer and/or his/her insurance company.