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The Andreas Danos Law Firm – Cyprus Lawyers pride ourselves on our extensive and expanding client base ranging from private individuals through a variety of corporate entities to multinational organizations, and we recognize that each one of our clients is unique with their particular business concerns.

We have been offering our services over many years to clients from the UK, USA, Germany, Russia, Europe, Israel and the Middle East.

Andreas Danos Cyprus Lawyers

Andreas Danos Cyprus Law Firm - Cyprus LawyersAndreas Danos Cyprus Law Firm was founded by Andreas Danos in 1968. This Cyprus Law Firm has grown rapidly and is today one of the oldest and most reputable law firms in Cyprus. Our Cyprus Law Firm offer services of high standards to our clients and we satisfy all their legal needs.

The founder of this Cyprus Law Firm, an established lawyer, has been for many years a member of the Disciplinary Council of the Law Society of Cyprus, which is responsible for enforcing good practice and the code of conduct of Cyprus lawyers.

Here at this Cyprus Law Firm, we offer and maintain a high standard of services to a large and diverse clientele.

Our lawyers are each trained at distinguished universities throughout Europe. They are accomplished in Cyprus Law and can efficiently address a wide range of legal issues.

Our lawyers specialise in Company Law, Company Registrations, Immigration Law and offer Consultancy Services to foreign firms, individuals or legal entities that are, or want to have, a base in Cyprus.

We also specialise in Real Estate, Conveyancing, Property Law and have assisted many foreign purchasers buying property in Cyprus.

Client Base and Professional Connections

Andreas Danos Law Firm is one of the oldest Cyprus law firms in Cyprus. Call us for more information, Tel. +357 22664433

It has acquired through the years a strong local and international client base comprising inter alia:

  • Commercial banks
  • Embassies
  • Municipalities
  • Ship owners
  • International and local residents
  • Non resident businessmen

  • International and local commercial and business firms
  • Shipping companies
  • Financial trusts and investment companies
  • Insurance companies
  • Airline companies

Andreas Danos Law Firm  has an office in China for our Chinese Clients.

Also, Andreas Danos Law Firm has a professional cooperation with law firms in Russia, Ukraine and the UK.

Firm Lawyers

Andreas Danos


Andreas Danos is the founder of our law firm and he founded
this law firm is 1968.Mr Andreas Danos graduated the university of Athens.
He has been member of many legal organizations and also he was a former member of Disciplinary Council of the Law Society of Cyprus.

Angelos Kyriakides


Mr Angelos Kyriakides has been member to our law firm from 2012. He has graduated from university of Nicosia on 2011 and he got master in European law from the same university in 2014.

Chrysostomos Danos


Chrysostomos Danos has graduated university of Athens
and he is the main partner of this law firm since 1999. He also heads the Company law department and immigration law department of this law firm.
During the years he has successfully represented our law firm in different legal matters.

Mary Savvidou


Mrs Mary savvidou has graduated university of Athens and
she is member of this law firm since 2001


Andreas Danos Cyprus Law Firm - Cyprus Lawyers

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Andreas Danos Cyprus Law Firm - Cyprus Lawyers

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